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2015 Honda Accord Sdn - What do these cones mean?

What do all those orange and yellow icons mean on my dashboard ? They’re always on . And, why doesn’t the intermittent window wiper seem to work ?

Thanks. Miss you guys . Please come back !

Open your owners manual , it will have pictures and a description of what each one means . And apparently something is broken with the wipers.


We’re always here.


They are always on? Even with the engine running?

With the key in the run position but the engine not running (not started yet), they will all be on, just a test of the bulbs. They also stay on for about 2 seconds after the engine is started, then go out. Yellow/orange lights are warning lights that something needs attention soon. Red means shut down immediately and call for a tow truck.

You will have to look up the individual icons in your owners manual and read the description. If you don’t understand what the owners manual says, then post back here and maybe we can help.


Been three days, coming back?