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2008 Honda Accord Sdn - Flashing arrows

On my dashboard two green arrows, facing opposite directions, are blinking. On the outside of my car, both in the front and rear there are lights blinking. These are not the headlights. I keep thinking that it must be some kind of warning or maybe something to do with our weather right now in Houston. It’s kinda dark, and we have had serious rain–but I haven’t really been in it. Many thanks

This is a joke is it not . What you are describing is the normal function of hazard lights.


Press that big red triangle on the dash and see if they quit doing that. Then press it again, they should start blinking again. Then press it a 3rd time to make them go off. Those are the hazard warning lights you use when the car is broken down by the side of the road.

Not only is this in the owners manual, it is likely in your state’s driving manual as well.


I hope this was an attempt at humor, like when someone from Buffalo, during a break in the winter clouds asks, what is that bright yellow ball in the sky.

We do that almost year round here in the pacific northwest