2017 Lincoln MKX - Yellow light on dash

Yellow wrench keeps coming up on the dash and says “see manual”. You see manual and it says “see dealer” but I haven’t had any luck with anybody figuring out what is causing the yellow wrench to come up.

So, your dealer can’t provide the diagnosis? Is it still under warranty?
Three things to do:
1). Keep all documentation from the dealer that states they (can not) “figuring out what is causing the yellow wrench to come up.”
2). Try a different dealership, you could probably use a Ford dealership if another Lincoln dealership is not close by.
3). Elevate the problem up the chain per the instructions in your owners manual.

One dealer didn’t try to figure it out, the other dealer has looked 3 days for the problem, and when I got home with it after 3 days, the yellow wrench came right up again. I figure it must be a hard problem to figure out, but if it isn’t going to cause any problems with the car, I will just keep driving it and ignore the notice on the dash. When the mechanics don’t know what to do, they are using the computers a lot, I don’t know where to look next. I read your articles in the Blade all the time and really enjoy reading your responses, you are pretty entertaining. I hope you know where I can get help for this problem. Thanks.

I guess you are addressing Ray M. It is not known if he replies to this part of CarTalk or if he even reads it. Look in your manual for corporate contacts to elevate this problem because that wrench symbol is there for a reason . Are these actual Lincoln dealers ?

If this is still under warranty, you need to insist that the dealer fix it, and give you a loaner to drive. If “nothing” is turning the wrench on, then the computer is bad. If “something” is turning it on, the dealer should have a diagnostic tree to locate the problem.

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A quick Google search says it indicates powertrain issues, possibly shift control or awd. My gut is telling me this is not something you can safely ignore.