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Power Side Mirror Adjustment

I recently replaced the powered side-view mirror on my 2001 Ford Ranger. It adjusts in all directions, but it stops (“bumps”) before it adjusts inward as far as we need it to go. Is there any way to adjust the neutral position of the mirror?

Just push.
You’ll hear the zip sound as the pins slide in and out to their new position.

So the “crackling” sound I hear isn’t necessarily a bad thing? I pushed it a bit, but didn’t feel like I made any progress. I was hesitant to keep doing it if I was going to mess something up.


No, the pins are ribbed so the sound is just the adjustment you’re making.
Use the electric knob to put the mirror ‘out’ all the way , then push it ‘in’ with your thumbs.

Thanks – I’ll give it a try this evening.