2015 Ford Fusion - Clunks

2015 ford fusion. we have been chacing a low speed clunk for a year now and by this time the car is all new underneath basically. I have changed one thing at a time starting with tires, shocks and loaded struts all around, wheel bearing all around, lower control arms, sway bar links, motor mounts, tie rod ends, rack and pinion, cv axles…twice because ford said it was the aftermarket ones causing the problem, then rims and tires. I think that’s it but I’m probably missing something im sure. low speed clunk when hitting bumps and car is hard to steer like it steers itself almost. all these parts changes then drove and symptoms remained the same to clear up it’s not a defective part.

have you changed your sway bar bushings?
Is your klunk sway bar bushings? - YouTube