Good struts for 2014 Ford fusion

My 2014 Ford Fusion hybrid creaks when I push on the front end and when I drive over bumps. Only during summers.

I replaced the lower control arms but still creaks like crazy. Thinking the struts need replacing. The car has 106k on it. What is a decent brand without breaking the bank?

Did you try lubing the sway bar bushings?



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Push on the four corners of your Fusion. Do you hear the creaking? If so, the shocks might be the problem. There might be issues with the bushings, too. If you can put it on a lift or good jack stands, take a look at the bushings.

There are as many answers to this as there are people willing to reply. Most of us have had experience with perhaps two different brands, so comparison is very difficult, and the opinions are based on what people expect rather than some objective measure.

If you are going to do the job yourself and haven’t done it before then you probably should buy complete units that are an assembled strut and spring. Taking the spring off a strut is a project that requires special equipment and can be dangerous if not done right.

And don’t forget that you got over 100,000 miles out of the ones that came from the factory, so even they are pretty good.

Yeah I was going to buy the full assembly for that reason. Even if it proves to not be the creaking noise, worth while to swap the struts anyways?

I was going to try that this afternoon actually. Before I order the parts… but I have a feeling it’s the struts

Those sway bar bushings are a nice easy job compared to the struts. Cheap and easy is always worth a try.

You have already posted about this job several times and people have mentioned these bushings. Why haven’t you just replaced them?

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Thanks! I was reading a specific forum on this exact issue w/ ford fusions designs. 70% of people said control arms so I did that. Then the people it didn’t work on said Struts. I just don’t know what quality part maker to order for that.

But based on your suggestion I’ll look to replace those bushings. Still new to all this and learning. First car I’ve tried to take on. Definitely appreciate your guidance and input

Struts ? Any name brand that fits . This is a Ford Fusion not a race car . And I would buy from a local parts store in case of a problem . It is not like this is an annual purchase.

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Hahah my hybrid is definitely a race car. Good to know not to stress too much on it!

If the struts are creaking , it is likely the noise is coming from the spring rubbing something is shouldn’t. If you are willing to rent a spring compressor, you can disassemble the front struts and look for spots on the spring that have worn the paint away, look for damaged steer bearings, spring isolators, bad bump rubbers and bad strut mounts.

If the struts are not leaking oil out the rod seal, they likely are still OK. I did exactly this on one of my cars… replaced the bump rubbers and steer bearings. Like you, replaced the lower control arms but also stabilizer drop links. Drove like new even with 108K on the struts.

Or you can throw complete strut assemblies at it. I’d say FCS would be OK. Rockauto has them for $105 each. No experience with them but I know a couple of their employees and they say they make a decent product.

First thing I’d try is spraying silicone lubricant on one bushing at a time, pushing the fenders up and down, and see if it’s a bushing, rather than the struts.


So you suggest swapping these bushings out right? Sprayer them with lubricant. Still making noise. Not sure if it’s coming from their but if it’s an easy job why not

I uploaded a video link on YouTube. If that helps narrow it down… I can recreate the sound while it’s on jacks

When you replaced the lower control arms, did you put them on loosely, then bring the vehicle down to the ground, bounce it a few times, and then and only then bring the fasteners up to the correct torque?

I didn’t follow that advice with my Civic’s upper control arms. They squeaked. Did it right the second time. Good luck and please let us know how this works out for you.

So new developments. I finally got my wife to help me. We both listened to it while rotating the wheels. Take turns look at all the components.

When you put your finger on the stabilizer bar you can totally feel it clicking and making the creaking noise. Would the bushings repair that or is another component the culprit?

I hadn’t tried that based on the videos I followed. But it’s worth a go. Thanks for the idea!

Bushing are getting swapped out this weekend so I’ll do it after that

The stabilizer bar does not rotate when you turn the steering left-to-right. Place your hand on the top of the strut while your assistant turns the steering left-to-right, you should be able to feel the creaking in the strut mount and strut bearing.

If a stabilizer bar mount bushing is in good condition I just remove the bushing and apply silicone paste lubricant to the mating surface, 10 minute job.

Okay so the vibrations in the stabilizer bar is most likely originating from the strut and I just happen to feel it in that bar.

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Feel for the vibration in various spots, the problem will be found where the vibration feels most intense.