2015 Ford Fusion - Steering

Steering issue after all recalls completed! Last recall October, 2018. Issue started Dec/Jan, 2019. I thought it was ice buildup on the wheel wells. When turning sharply left or right, especially when backing out of a parking space, there is a loud clunking sound as wheels are turning. If I turn sharply left or right as far as I can, there seems to be extra play in the steering wheel, and I get an unexpected extra turn on the wheel. The sound is loud enough for bystanders to hear, and local mechanic can’t find anything. Next step is Ford Dealership but that will cost me just for inspection. Anyone with similar issue? Only 33000 km on this car and warranty is over!

Worth every penny if they find the problem. Steering is important.

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Might want to ask around for a good independant shop.

Yes, but if Ford has a service campaign for the correction of this type of problem, the OP would have to pay an indy shop, whereas repairs at a Ford dealer would be free.