2013 Ford Fusion - Clunks

I have a 2013 Ford fusion with the 2.5L engine. The problem I am having is when I haven’t drove my car in 8+ hours and put it in reverse, it clunks in very hard and shakes the car when in clunks. (Clunk sounds like the name of a third brother they don’t mention) it’s obviously transmission related but I can’t check if I’m low or if it’s dirty since there is no transmission dip stick (fully enclosed transmission they call it, mechanics call it easy boat payments) so my question is should I pay to have it looked at or just ignore it? I could also have my cousin Vito make it look like it was stolen and put it in a river if that should be done as well. Thanks for any responses! - Patrick

I could be something as simple as the engine idling at higher revs than usual because it’s still in cold start mode. If it idles high it’s likely to do what you are suggesting the first time you put it in reverse.

If you have the AWD version it could be u-joints. Other possibilities are lower ball joints or CV axles