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2006 Ford Fusion, front end rattling over bumps

Hey guys, I have a 2006 Ford Fusion 2.3l with 234,000 miles (purchased last January at 226k miles with a used engine and tranny put in with around 100k). Lately I have been hearing a rattling/clunking sound coming from the passenger’s side when going over even small bumps. I have had the driver’s side ball joint and the passenger’s side tie rod replaced in the time I have owned this car. I have jacked the car up on the cross-member on the passenger’s side but sound no play or movement in the wheel up and down, side-to-side, forward and backward, none whatsoever. There is no real noticeable difference in turning besides a very inconsistent popping noise and an inconsistent slight tightness, there is no vibration or veering in the steering wheel when going over bumps, the car rides smooth as ever as far I can tell besides what I have mentioned. Bad sway bar link or strut mounts?

It could also be the struts or springs. My 2010 Fusion had cracked front springs at about 140k.

My 2011 MKZ (Fusion clone) had the lower control arms’ (there are two on each side) bushings go bad at about 100k, made noise over every bump.

If neither strut mounts or stabilizer bar end links have been replaced, BOTH are very good candidates. Possible strut, too, but pulling the strut modules apart to check the mounts will allow you to hand stroke the struts.

If I was doing the work myself, I’d start with end links - they are easier to replace and maybe a bit cheaper. They need to be replaced anyhow at 226K.

If it still clunks, you know where to go next!