2015 chevy spark loss of acceleration problem

I have a 2015 Chevy Spark that I can drive for about 30 minutes and then when I come to a stop and try to go, I cannot accelerate more than a mile if I can even go at all. The engine doesn’t rev at all. The RPMS are all over the place when I am driving. Two codes came off and I was told that they thought we needed to replace the transmission (CVT) . We ordered a refurbished transmission from a reputable company with a warranty. When that transmission was put in it did the exact same thing. (which makes me think it is something else) . Should I send that transmission back? The mechanic (who has never worked on a CVT transmission ) is perplexed because he has also changed the transmission control sensor, the safety neutral switch, the ecm, the transmission pan gasket and something called the TMC and he said that there were 4 of them. Now the car won’t start… You can jump it but as soon as you take off cables, it will not run. The battery is showing charged. HELP???

That would point to an engine-related problem, not a transmission problem.
I really think that you need to find a new mechanic who can diagnose the problem instead of “throwing parts” at the problem, as your current mechanic is doing.

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Any idea what would cause that? When I google 2015 acceleration issues, I see many posts about it out on the web, but no clear cut answers from anyone.

There seems to be a lot of reports concerning this problem but no solutions…I would get rid of this car because it could cause serious damage if you cannot accelerate quickly.

I am going to say stop the web search for symptoms. Find a real shop even if you have to go to dealer because it looks like you have spent money on parts you may not have needed.

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This car belongs to my 19 year old and she is devastated because she saved and saved for it and now the bills for it and stacking up and she is a college student and really having trouble making it now with all the problems. I just surfed the web trying to see if anyone ever told what the problem really was. Lots talk of the same issue but no clear cut answer.

What were the codes?
If you clear the codes, do they come back? What are they now, same?

Can you explain further? They seem to be contradictory. RPMs all over the place would seem to be indicative of an engine revving without the normal load from the transmission to the wheels. It could also be an engine problem such as stumbling. So what do you mean doesn’t rev at all? When the RPMs are bouncing around, is it such that the RPMs suddenly shoot up for a brief period before going back to normal or do they bounce above and below what would be considered normal?

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When the car is running what I would call normally, the rpm’s seem to bounce around and then go high to 4-5 when doing low speeds. When I have the acceleration problem the rpm’s and engine don’t move at all. No revving at all. It’s like it doesn’t recognize the motor is even running. I can push gas to floor and nothing. The acceleration issue doesn’t seem to happen until about 20-30 minutes of driving.

Not sure on codes, but I will find out.

It sounds like a software issue to me.

If the engine remains at idle and doesn’t respond to the accelerator pedal input there is a problem with the electronic throttle control system.


is that the same as the Throttle position sensor?

Yes,its the same thing.

Not exactly, the electronic throttle control system has many parts that can malfunction, the throttle position sensor is one of them.

Unfortunately, there appear to be lots of complaints regarding both CVT and unresponsive throttle on these cars. You may want to peruse https://chevysparkforum.com/ if you haven’t already…

Seems like there are problems with it.Please read this article.Its very similar to the problem you are having.