Revving and no acceleration

When driving i can come to the stop and the engine will rev multiple times and no matter how often I push the accelerator the car will not budge. Sometimes you can recover the car by shutting it off and waiting a few minutes (15ish) but other times it won’t start.

Urgent help with this is appreciated… car is @ the shop right now and they are befuddled as well.


Year of vehicle? Mileage? Does it drive OK for the mechanic?

1999, 110K, The mechanic just had the revving and failure happen and he is stumped. He is thinking it might be the fuel injectors - but I think he is pulling @ straws.

The idle motor had been replaced recently.

No codes pop up when this happens either.

Sounds like transmission failure.

I agree that it sounds like the transmission is toast.
Of course, that would not explain the occasional non-start situations.

When was the last time that the transmission fluid and filter were changed?
When was the last time that the spark plugs, air filter, and fuel filter were

It sounds like this vehicle needs a lot of work.