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15’ Chevy Spark lost power after acceleration

Hey everyone. I bought a 2015 Spark in March 2017. It’s a weak car by my standard (84 Hp, very slow to take off and maintain interstate speeds).

I haven’t had any acceleration issues beyond the understood slow take off from stops. However, I took my normal hilly route home yesterday and as I got over my final hill, needing to accelerate hard to make it, I lost acceleration power completely, but not electrical.

The car started up later and ran “ok”.
I drive this thing about 10 hours a week, and need some ideas on what might be happening.

Seriously close to getting rid of this in favor of any older car with a great manufacturer history if this is a permanent problem.


You have a problem and there should be some codes that can be read at most Auto Zone stores.

P.S. I have driven a Spark and while it is not a Corvette it did just fine in every day driving.

Is your Check Engine Light on? How many miles have you put on the car since you bought it, and what maintenance have you done?

I have put over 35k on it since March 2017.
I’ve replaced the coolant tank, thermostat, brakes/rotors.
No check engine light aside from telling me I need an oil change (doing it tomorrow in the a.m.)

I’ll also point out that this was a rental that I bought from Hertz at 39k miles. I know the claim is that rentals are meticulously maintained, but this death trap of mine seems like it wasn’t.

I’ve always questioned that, because the agency doesn’t want the cars to have too much downtime as they won’t be making money…also, I don’t know that people tend to treat rental vehicles very well, especially top end rental sports cars

Is the oil level low? Is there a transmission dip stick, and if so, what is the fluid level?

You don’t like the car and it sounds like you don’t want to have it looked at to solve the problems. Don’t change the oil , trade it for something you really want to drive.

I presume this is a gasoline Spark & you have the 1.25L engine and the CV transmission. I’m guessing a transmission service may be needed. There’s new software available for the transmission control module, may as well get that too. Mention tsb 20710A to your shop. The throttle position sensor function should be tested too. And of course any diagnostic codes in computer memory should be considered. If you tell us what those are, you’ll probably get some more ideas.

Here are the results from taking my little death trap into the dealership:
They test drove it it for 20 miles with scan tool and they couldn’t duplicate the concern. They added on that a bulletin was found where the car’s hesitation might be solved with a transmission fluid change.
Replacing filter and changing fluid -$349.44.

Does and of this sound right to you guys? I’ve seen on other sites but that transmission fluid changes aren’t always needed when the shop claims.

The vehicle is now 3 years old, and while we don’t know the total number of miles on the odometer, you stated that you have driven it for 35k miles since you bought it a couple of years ago. Most of the regular contributors to this forum are of the belief that trans fluid (and filter, if so equipped) should be changed every 3 yrs/30k miles, so–IMHO–you are somewhat overdue for a trans fluid change.

It feels better to know that that may be a solution to the car problems. Here I am showing my lack of knowledge! Thanks. I hope it’s not too late.
36k miles at the very least since the last

I have 2014 Chevy spark with over 100,000 miles on it. There few things you need do get extra horse power.

  1. Get a K&N Air filer, yes spend the $50 and just get. It gives just enough help with power for take off.
  2. Transmission do fail on this car, I had mine fail at 97,000 and yes the dealer put a new transmission in, and not rebuilt one.
    2a. The next thing to consider with Transmission is had a computer that stand alone, which fails every time when transmission fails.
  3. Do not expect the car to win drag race, instead embrace the fact you get 40mpg highway, when gas goes above $3 a gallon.
    So good luck.

A K&N filter will add approximately 0 horsepower. K&N stopped claiming horsepower increases for their filters a number of years ago.


… and then there is the issue of Mass Airflow Sensors that are gunked-up because of K&N owners who use a bit too much oil on their filters…

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Let me clarify a bit, I clean mine like early and often, I get less of drop off, than using paper filter. So, by means test it helps with get up and go.