2005 Chevrolet Spark 0.8 random acceleration problems

Hello everyone, here’s the situation. I have a 2005 Chevrolet Spark 0.8S (in some places known as Chevrolet Matiz) with 185.000 km / 115.000 miles on the clock. I’m experiencing two strange problems.

The first one is a very short deceleration - a “jolt” if you can call it that way - which happens mostly in 1st gear at higher revs. Mostly happens if you “stretch out” the 1st gear before shifting to 2nd. The problem happens completely randomly, and the check engine light turns on (steady glow, not blinking). The light turns off on its own after a day or so, until the problem occurs again - and it happens maybe 2-3 times a month.

The second problem occurs much less than the first one - so far it happened only twice - and it involves the 4th gear. When it happens, the car loses all power after shifting to 4th gear. You press the gas pedal, but nothing happens. The car slows down, the revs won’t go up - as if the 4th gear got “disabled” somehow, which is strange since the car features a classic, cable-operated throttle. The check engine light turns on, just like with the first problem. To “fix” it, shift back to 3rd gear and the car behaves fine. I’ve checked the throttle cable, but it seems fine - it opens the butterfly valve, and actuates the throttle position sensor. What gives?

There’s a major catch, though - I can’t use a scanner tool since they won’t communicate with my car lately - they do receive power, but simply won’t link with my car (probably some sort of wiring problems). However, can I get at least some explanation from someone who had similar problems, even with a different car?

Parts that I’ve replaced in recent years are the spark plugs, camshaft sensor and fuel filter. Air intake hose had two leaks, but I’ve duct-taped them thoroughly (can’t get a replacement one, since none of the stores in my county have them at the moment). Thanks in advance.

You have to start with the Check Engine light for the possible problem.

That means connecting a scanner that can communicate with the vehicle.


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Might be a computer problem. It seems like you tried more than one scanner. Maybe a more sophisticated scanner could help isolate the communications problem, then aid with the CEL and drivability issues. What code readers have you used? At worst, using a commercial garage or dealer shop could be a quick help.