Slow Clock on 2001 Hyundai Elantra

Anyone experienced this?



Lots of people with many different brands of car.

The clock on my aftermarket stereo loses about a minute a month, it is infuriating. I chalk it up to poor clock design.

Yeah, the factory clock on my Dodge also falls behind about a minute per month. Nuisance.

You have got to be kidding me!!! Car Talk has fallen to lousy sarcastic replies??? I don’t need that. I’ll go elsewhere for my answers. Eat worms.

Who’s being sarcastic? It’s a common problem, it’s not just you, and that’s your answer. And worms are loaded with protein.

That’s what happens when your hyundai approached the speed of light.

With that attitude you’re more than welcome to go elsewhere.

If I were only losing a minute a month, I sure as hell would not have brought it up here. I reset it and it IMEEDIATELY begins losing time. It was a legitimate question and didn’t deserve the stupidity with which it was received.

Seriously, if it was mine I would just replace the clock assembly. Is it stand alone or part of a larger dash/instrument assembly?

It was such a poorly worded question that I don’t think anyone knew how to answer it with the complete precision that you were demanding.

No. What happened was some of you saw a “newbie” and instead of doing the decent thing and asking for more information, you took the low road and used sarcasm and belittled him. What I find despicable is that you are allowed to hang around this website with that kind of a sorry attitude which does no one any good. Is Mama not paying y’all enough attention at home???

Hmmm…You might want to try decaf.