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2015 Chevrolet Impala - Problem with brakes when turning

When going forward from a stop in turning to the right my left front wheel seems to be breaking and making a noise and then the brake disengages could this be a malfunctioning traction control on that wheel these are on dry roads maybe there’s a little sand on the road surface

Is this accompanied by any noise?

Its very possible the abs and traction control are engaging due to loss of friction with the road.Some abs systems are more sensible than others and yes,they can make noise.Make sure your tires are not worned to the point they look like a soap bar.

ABS engaging under acceleration?

Tires that are badly worn can lead to greatly reduced traction, thus leading to ABS activation when braking, and activation of the traction control system when accelerating.

Based on the OP’s description, I think that the traction control system is activating.

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