Brake noise - ABS system?

Hi all,

I have a 2019 Mazda Grand Touring Reserve. Recently, the dealership replaced my rotors and brake pads due to warping. Anyway, the car seems to brake fine, but I am getting some braking 'noise" - similar to the sound when you brake hard and the ABS system activates. However, I am not braking hard enough (or so I don’t think) for that to activate.

Does anyone have any idea of what this could be? I am going to take the vehicle back to Mazda, but thought I’d see if anyone has run into this issue and or has an easy remedy for it.

Thanks all!

Can’t tell from here what the road conditions were when your ABS deployed “too early” . If the road is slippery enoug, say pure ice at 32 degrees when freezing rain reaches a critical temp and flashes over, I have seen car do things that seem to defy the laws of phyics.

Under those conditions the anti lock seems to become anti stop.

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You can test this yourself… go find a quiet empty parking lot without blocks across it, get up to 35 or so and hit the brake pedal as hard as you can. Really stomp it. You will get your ABS to cycle and you can hear exactly what it sounds like.

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Additionally, none of us knows the condition of the OP’s tires. If the treads are significantly worn, the reduced traction will make ABS activation much more likely–even when road conditions don’t seem to be very bad.


My new Camry had very poor snow traction tires. I didn’t feel like buying snow tires for a leased car. I just adjusted my driving style.

This blog post indicates the factory tires on the OP’s vehicle are Toyo A36’s. Best Tires for the Mazda CX-5 - Car Talk Could they be a factor?

OK Dave , why would the tires cause brake noise after replacing the rotors and pads ?

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Not hard to figure if you’re reading in context. @VDCdriver mentioned the condition of the OP’s tires and @Cavell mentioned that his Camry had tires with very poor traction, at least in snow. I note you didn’t challenge either of them. It’s possible for tires with varying traction to affect the operation of the ABS, right?

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If it was activating, the ABS light would come on.