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General Motors 2010 Impala intermittent ABS brake pulse on low speed turn

When turning a corner at low speed (left or right) while riding the brake, if the suspension bounces (e.g., crossing uneven manhole cover) the left front brake pulses for .5-2 seconds. The pulse is felt in the brake pedal. A grunt noise comes from the suspension. Cannot reproduce over parking lot speed bumps.

Any ideas or know-for-sure?

I would say the ABS is coming on. It thinks a wheel is locked up when it loses contact with the ground and then the ABS kicks in.

It sounds like the ABS system is working normally. How about slowing down before the turn and then you don’t have to ride the brakes? Try that.

If while applying the brakes you travel over any surface with one wheel that allows that wheel to los traction, such as a slippery (wet) manhole cover or a ripple in the road large enoiugh to bounce the wheel, the ABS will activate. That’s normal.

But there are things that can exascerbate the problem; such as a worn down tire, improper tire inflation, some out-of-alignment conditions, and tired struts. Be sure all of these things are in good shape and it’ll reduce the chances of loss of traction.