2003 Chevy Impala Traction Control issues

Hello all…

my Impala is driving nuts…the darn “Traction Control” “ABS” thing kicks in for no good reason. it happens as i am pulling out of my driveway, or coming to a stop, or taking a gentle corner, or…, or…, or… HELP!!! is it a sensor? a bad cable? WHAT IS IT? even turning the thing off doesn’t help, still makes that vibration noise!!

take it to the shop and get all of it takin out and skid the ass outta it lol nar it look to be wiring look over it and see if there is any plugs unpluged or read up on the the ABS see i am in austraila and i love the holdens and all GMH over here the computer on the left hand side on the floor run’s every thing get it put on a dyno tuner and see if the problem come’s up then thats how my local’s do it

Are there any warning lights on? I suggest having the ABS/TRAC computer scanned for trouble codes. It could be one of the things you suggest, or it could be something else. Guessing won’t help. You need testing and diagnosis.