2015 Certified Honda CRV



I think this deal falling through is the best thing that could have happened to you and I tend to agree with Volvo_V70. the inspection was done from a desk and quite likely the car was never even looked over.

Don’t get down in the dumps over it. You should be able to easily find something that doesn’t need work right off the bat.


Thanks. The universe has a plan:-)


The deal ended up $457 off balance. Oh well, try again. My dad would bargain down to the last $50 when he was buying a car. Sometimes the bargaining would go on for days. At one point he and the dealership owner came to within $50 on a new car, he said “ok, I’ll take the car at my final offering price, you can keep the radio for the $50 difference, so get your guys in the shop to remove the radio from the dash”. As you might expect the dealership owner just sold the car for the price my dad’s final offering price, including the radio. It would have cost the dealership owner more in shop fees to remove the radio and then he’d have to try to figure out what to do with the radio later to recoup some money on the deal, not worth the trouble. Plus my dad would be complaining “you left a hole in the dash!!” … lol …

OP, suggest to browse at some rental car sales lots. Hertz, Avis, Budget, etc. Here in the San Jose area those lots tend to have a good selection of 3 year old cars, rental cars that have been taken out of service. Rental cars usually get very good maintenance and on schedule. I’d still want my own mechanic to inspect my selection before purchase though, even from a rental car sales lot.

You mechanic is right about the rotors, not a good idea to reduce their thickness. That’s asking for problems later on.


Had you not had the vehicle inspected you would be enjoying your Honda now but you may have to replace the tires next year.

You should check your inspection report to see why your mechanic condemned the brake rotors, if there really was a safety issue there I think the selling dealer would have reacted to it.


A potential problem with ex-rental cars . . .

They may have lived a very hard life

Many people treat rental cars far worse than they would their own


Those X point inspections have never meant anything to me.
When I was buying my then 3 yr old 2005 Camry (it was a CPO at the local Toyota dealer), they put the list in front of me. I walked out with the salesman and wrote everything that needed to be fixed. It included the speaker covers that were rotted, missing hubcaps and bunch of other stuff. They were barking back that they have priced the car accordingly, but then I said your list does not match. Long story short they agreed and fixed everything. When closing the deal, I had a $100 printed coupon from their site that I handed to them. The look on their face was priceless, they still honored it.


Hi, I finally decided to purchase a 2015 Certified pre-owned, personal lease, Honda CRV with 48000 miles ( my price range). The car comes with 7 year Honda, power train warranty as well as 1 year dealer warranty. No accidents and a clean Car Fax, new tires, new front brakes and rotors. My mechanic checked the brakes, motor, belts, and so forth. A few things the car needs are: touch-up paint, a wheel alignment, driver side window slight rattle, and the dealer agreed to take care of all of these, free of charge. I wanted to keep you updated. Thanks


The alignment problem would worry me. A 3-4 year old car should not need alignment. And why was it not aligned when they put new tires on it?

Did you mechanic check the front suspension and steering?


Yes. He did check everything.
The dealer said they put 4 new tires, maybe forgot to align the tires? Clean car fax and no accidents.
Let us see what they have to say. I will talk to them next week. Will keep you posted.


I dunno, 50,000 miles is enough to wear out the original tires and depending on the roads, to require an alignment. It’s not something I’d be particularly concerned about. I used to do an alignment about once a year. If you want a perfect car, you have to buy new, otherwise there will always be things that need to be done. I guess I’ve said that before, so just my opinion.


I understand. I would let the dealer look into it, align tires, and see if it rectifies. Will let you know in a few weeks. Many thanks


Tires don’t require aligning, that’s for the car’s suspension system. There’s a few mechanical adjustments they make is all, according to what the alignment machine says needs adjusting. Tires are balanced, not aligned. Good to hear you found a car you are happy with. A 2015 with less than 50k miles should prove to be a good and reliable ride for many years.


Tires balanced and wheels aligned ? Got it !


    June 28

maybe forgot to align the tires?

Tires don’t require aligning, that’s for the car’s suspension system. There’s a few mechanical adjustments they make is all, according to what the alignment machine says needs adjusting. Tires are balanced, not aligned.


Ok . So the tires are balanced and wheels are aligned.

If the car tends to drive to the left side, then either tire pressure is off or wheels are out of alignment ri


Why do you feel the vehicle needs a wheel alignment?


The car slightly drifts to the left while driving.

Initially the Tire Pressure monitor sign came on and it was reset by the service department.


You should receive a printout when an alignment is done. Pay close attention to any “Before” readings.

If something is off considerably (toe, camber, or caster) then there is the distinct possibility that something is bent. This may have been noticeable on the old tires if this kind of situation exists.

Forty eight thousand miles is plenty enough time for someone to whack a curb with it or whatever.


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Will do thanks