2015 Certified Honda CRV



I thought that by shopping a certified used car, I am saving myself stress and grief. It is proving to be otherwise. The dealer sent me the bill of sale to address the repairs where he mentions that he will change only the rear brake rotors ( instead of all 4). I had to call him again and ask him to fix the error. I honestly want to scream…


You should keep looking

As was mentioned before, I’m a former dealership mechanic

And we weren’t allowed to certify cars that had low brakes and tires

Brakes were supposed to have significant meat left

And tires were supposed to have lots of tread depth

Sounds like that’s not the case here

Either that Honda dealer is violating the rules . . .

or Honda corporate’s standards for cpo status are abysmal

5/32" tread depth is pretty darn marginal

I would expect better from a cpo Honda


Consider your pre-purchase inspection money well spent . . . because you SHOULD skip this one


You need to bail if you can . A certified vehicle should not need any repair before you even sign the papers. That can’t be the only vehicle in the world to buy. Just the tire measurements tell me that the tires were not rotated like they should have been. I think this was lease that was driven and not really maintained.


Let me sleep on it. Not sure if I will get my $500 back:-(


A car dealer being unethical? I’m shocked. Shocked I say…


He probably was confused. Only the rear tires required replacement. But apparently all four rotors are in need of replacement. Probably an honest mistake. I think it is a good sign the dealership is willing to replace all four rotors for you at their expense. They could instead just state the rotors are perfectly fine. Rotor assessment and serviceability of remaining tire tread often aren’t an exact sciences. They’re both normally wearing items and require eventual replacement in any event.


Thanks. I emailed the owner. Maybe they are in shock as they did not anticipate all this.

Let’s see, will keep you posted. Gnite!


This is an All wheel Drive vehicle and CPO at that . It should have new tires on all four corners and not need any repairs before leaving the lot to a new owner. The CPO inspection in my opinion was done from a desk no where near the actual vehicle.


I took the time and sent a long email to the owner yesterday. He promised that he will get to the bottom of this confusion. Will call the manager in a bit. Let us see how this all will unfold. Will keep you posted. Thanks


The manager’s big argument is: “The car is just fine, within the rules set forth by Honda and why are you asking me to change rotors and tires?”

Hi, spoke to the manager. He offered to cut the four rotors, instead of replacing them. My mechanic said that it is a bad idea to cut rotors and asked to stress for new ones, that’s all.
So, called him back and conveyed the message: 4 new brake rotors and two back tires ( I will keep the old tires). The manager was mad at first. He said that he and his workers are not going to dance to my mechanic’s tunes. I stressed that I TRUST my mechanic and I am going to follow his advice. He insisted that- According to Honda/certified car rules, the tire wear as well as the rotors are within safety limits.
The manager said that it will cost him $757 for the four rotors and will be able to pay $300 only. He wanted to know if I will pick up the rest of the cost. I said no.
He wanted me to pay slightly more. I said that I cannot put more than 100 bucks ( 400 instead of 300). He said that he will check with the owner and get back to me. Let us see what will happen.


The dealer is not the owner?


Yes, they are the same. Manager works for the dealer I guess:-)


That is a good question, it seems your mechanic replaces tires when they measure 5/32"? What is the problem with the brake rotors?


@omsairam911 Only getting your end of conversation which I think you are posting it accurate. My feeling is that this is not the dealer I would want to do business with .


One point, the tread depth indicates that the tires were not rotated on schedule. Which makes me wonder what other maintenance was neglected.

I’m not familiar with the CRV, but many AWD vehicles need the tires to be equal depth on all 4, and if not, you can have trouble with the differentials. Ask your mechanic about this.

And I agree, skip this one. The dealer is not honest.


The deal feel through. I am getting my money back. I guess I learned a valuable lesson moving forward. Thanks for your help and support.

I have to start all over again. Cannot afford a new car, certified pre-owned have their own issues, and used cars are a hit or miss. Lord give me a sign:-)


Worn out, I guess.


That is where you are wrong . There are probably more new vehicles on the market at the same price as you were going to pay for that CRV. That is where the build your own feature that all manufactures have a great shopping tool.


You have $21000. For that or a few thousand more, there are lots of new vehicles available.


New cars are easy to buy. You can go in and close the deal in an hour or two and drive away. Used cars are a pain in the neck to buy. I hate buying used cars.

The thing is I’m probably wrong, but I woulda just planned on putting new tires on it after a while anyway so the fact that it was down to 5/32 was no big deal, and 5/32 is not bad, just time to watch them. I will admit though that Volvo’s point about rotation leaves some question about maintenance and drive train wear. As far as the rotors, the question is what was wrong and were they warped? But again I would never go to all that work and expense to replace the rotors without putting new pads on, so were we really talking that the car needed new brakes at 30K?

Like I said I hate buying used cars and the whole process and would have been willing to accept some imperfection to get the deal done with and go home.