Customer rights buying with no warranty



I’m considering buying a 01 Honda CRV,135K.

It is at a Lincoln Mercury dealer-no warranty. {Already driving one}

Engine oil looks too clean but small carbon stain on the dip-stick. ‘Sounds’ & looks new. I would replace timing belt. I thought the coolant looked a little dirty.

I would take it to the honda dealer for an inspection. I’m looking for sludge etc.

& also if oil & coolant have mixed etc.

If the engine were suspicious can it be detected ? Would it sound bad?

The sales person initially said the engine was flushed. It got my suspicion up. Now he denies saying that. Service dept said oil change. Carfax shows as a new car/one owner,oil was change every 6k miles x 3. Then nothing. I’m courting slow. I can get it for 6400. Thanks


NADA trade-in on that vehicle is $5,775. In today’s economy, that would be my top dollar assuming no work needed. Pay an independent Honda specialist to check it out and subtract any work needed from that price. The dealer has at least $3,000 profit built into the asking price.



Too many red flags here. Walk away from this one. There are plenty of good used cars on the market. This is no bargain. Find a better CR-V at a more honest dealer.


If you’re considering buying without a warranty and having a shop check over the car then why go to a dealer at all? Find a private seller with service records. You’ll save mucho $$.

You can get a sense of the engine condition from a compression test if that is what you are after. Alternatively, the last time I bought used I ran around looking at cars with a vacuum gauge. This is an easy to use device that can tell you all sorts of things about the condition of an engine. Its cheap, easy, & fast, though it won’t give you all of the info that an actual compression test would.


If the dealer is selling as “No Warranty” then once you sign up for it - you own it problems and all.

An oil change is not helping you here, the old oil they took out could have been pure crud. You can document service for the 1st 18K miles, after that the remaining 115K miles who knows? If you are really interested you must have a mechanic of your choosing examine the car. Don’t go cheap on this inspection, it should include several tests, compression, leak down, and more to be sure the head gasket and valves are intact. A motor with a bad head gasket and other problems can run smooth and sound fine.

It maybe a good car, but the varnish on the dipstick is not a good sign at all. It is 9 years old, and 1 owner means zippo. This could have started as the main family car when new. Then been passed down to the new teenage driver. Still in the family and still one owner, but did it get driven and maintained the same in ownership year 8 as compared to year 1?

If you buy it plan to change out virtually all the fluids. CRV’s can have differential problems due to old fluid. Plan on a tune up, the timing belt job, brakes, exhaust system, etc. You’ll want to have about $1,000 to 2,000 budgeted to get all the maintenance up to date and make some repairs. Most folks trade cars when they don’t want to face some issue with the car.


Hi & thanks for your answer. I was seriously considering one from a private buyer. They insisted they were honest but they were not. I found additional records from a local dealer regarding axle work not disclosed by seller. Ever word out of the boy friends mouth pertained to ripping people off. I could go on.


Indeed - but don’t expect something like honesty from a dealer. And just b/c it would be a business, don’t assume this gives you any kind of easier means of addressing issues that arise. A high mileage, no warranty vehicle will be sold “as is.”

Your best defense will be having a shop that you trust look over anything that you buy.


Thank you for your detailed response. The CRV’s are hard to find in my price range. I’ve been driving one for several years. It will be totaled,my insurance check though generous,will put me in this price range. I was pleased with how it held its value compared to other cars. I can swing the timing belt repair-but not being ripped off.
There is a honda dealer nearby. I would pay them 100$ to check it out. I’m still holding off.


Offer the selling dealer $5200…They will laugh at you. Leave your phone number. It will ring…By ending your obsession with CRV’s and Honda’s in general, you can save a lot of money and drive a better vehicle…


I know I’m a bit obsessed with the vehicle,but I’ve been driving one for several years.
It fits like someone made it just for me,and has held it’s monetary value.
I’m gonna keep driving mine till I find a replacement.
I’m frightened to buy a different car that may cause head aches or back aches. I only weigh about 110 lbs,but once I drove a KIA Sedona out of an airport rental. Every inch of me was uncomfortable almost painful. I exchanged it & also lost an expensive pair of sunglasses. Thanks for your imput.


Thank you for the reply. I may have to drive mine for a while till I find something.
You all are continuing to educate me further & is much help. I’m in a much better position now to not be taken advantage of. I promise not to buy anything without an independent garage evaluation . I may be right there watching.Happy New Year.


If you decide to try something out, take an extended test drive, not just one around the block. Make sure you aren’t going to be hurting after a few minutes.