Used car

I’m looking at a 2003 Honda CRV with 101,000 miles on it. Owner is asking $8,000 and it needs a new air conditioner compressor ($800). Brakes have been replaced. Would you recommend this car?

Has the timing belt been replaced? That’s another $800. The A/c repair will be $1500 before it’s over. A dealer would not give more than $3500 for this vehicle on a trade in…There is no reason for you to offer more…Eight grand is a fantasy…

I seem to remember CR-Vs of this age having AC problems. Find one with AC that works, no way this is worth $8k.

If everything is perfect, AC fixed & recent timing belt changed, then it might be worth $8,000.

The vehicle is not worth 8K. You will be over 10K easily once the AC system and timing belt replacement (if it needs it) repairs are accomplished. Find another vehicle.

The car is in “rough” condition due to the need for AC fix and unknown status of timing belt means it needs to be replaced ASAP; TMV comes in at $6,000. Not a good deal at $8K as it is. Offer $5K and if you settle around $5,500 to 6K you should be OK. You must have the car inspected by an independant mechanic. The condition does not indicate the car has been well maintained so you can expect more problems. An inspection can reveal more issues or give you some confidence as to whether it is a solid car.

The CRV is basically a good car. But a good car poorly maintained isn’t a good car anymore. It could be junk.

Overpriced in my opinion and odds are this car, like the vast majority of them, has never seen a valve lash inspection/adjustment either.

Throw in the A/C repair, which a compressor may or may not completely fix and which sounds a bit underpriced, and no way would I recommend it at that price.

Private Party value on Kelly Blue Book is over $8,000 but that depends on variables we don’t know about.

We need more information. Is it an LX or EX, and does it have AWD or a manual transmission? This might be a good price if it’s an EX, but not an LX of any sort. You need to take the truck to a mechanic for an evaluation if you have not already. He might even give you a price on the AC repair. I would not believe the owner’s $800 estimate unless I got a second opinion. Also, will it pass safety or smog inspections that might be needed to transfer title? If not, you need to find out what it needs or tack on a big discount for not knowing.