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Brakes making noise (Not Squeaking, or 1 click)

Hey everyone. So I’m really good with pointing out cars and what engine they may have but im a derp when it comes to going under the hood. Right now I have a 2009 v6 mustang it probably doesn’t matter for my question. This has been going on for awhile and I dealt with it cause I couldn’t really hear with my music on. Whenever I push on the brakes to stop it makes a pretty noisy and annoying clicking noise until I stop. Not like that weird siren noise you can here from breaks but a click click click sound. Any idea what this might be? Brake calipers need a change or what? Last time I checked, probably last year, the brake calipers were still good. Thanks!

I’m not an expert but I’d have a look at the rotors for cracks.