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Dodge Caravan 2006 brake issue

I get a grinding type of sound when I am braking but only when I come to a complete stop and then again when I release the brake. It is only for a second but it is loud and doesn’t sound good. What could be wrong. It also is much worse when it rains.

I am not a brake expert, but obviously you need to try to find out which wheel it is, if you can, and someone needs to take a quick look at the innards of the brake system. Even if it turns out to be unimportant, brakes are important, and anything out of the ordinary should be inspected ASAP.

Have the brake pads ever been replaced on the vehicle? If not, you are most likely looking at a replacement job.

We have not had them replaced since we got the car about 1 1/2 years ago.

There are metal wear clips rivited to the brake pads so that when the pads get worn to a point of needing replacement, they make a screeching noise when applied. So its probably just telling you its time to replace the brake pads and usually you have some time to do that before the pads are completely worn out and damage the rotors.