Brakes grind- even though I just had them done!

I am writing because i recently had my brakes changed in my 2001 honda civic. Before they were changed they didn’t squeak or grind at all. Now that they have been done, every so often, there is a horrible noise that is made from the front end of the car when I step on the brakes.It almost sounds like metal on metal grinding, and I can feel it in the break petal( if that makes any sense). I have tried several times to bring it to the mechanic that changed them, but second that I turn around to head to his garage the noise stops. I am wondering if there is some permanent damage that can’t be seen, and if the car is safe to drive.

Thanks so much for your help!!!

He may have put cheap pads on. You may have to insist on OEM pads.

If it is most likely to occur after the car has been sitting for a while, and especially in wet weather, but then clears up with a little driving then you’re probably dealing with the pads working off surface rust on the rotors. This is fairly normal and not a problem. It may be different b/c of different parts (e.g. different kind of pads), but unfortunately you’ll have a hard time convincing someone that it is cause to redo the work.

Of course, if it happens under other conditions and without much predictability that is cause for concern. Ask the mechanic to take it out for a drive and perhaps even keep it & drive it around for a day.