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Hesitating Idol

I own a 200 Toyota Camry and just recently is has started to lose oil. I think we concord that issue with a new washer. However, my car now has a hesitation when in drive, stopped at a light and in park. We replaced the battery; no change. Any ideas? Could this be an alternator issue?

The problem may just be that the car is apparently over 1,800 years old.


Please post back with the actual model year of your car, and the odometer mileage.
Also, please give a more complete description of the hesitation. Does it occur when the engine is cold? When it is hot?

Since you mentioned that the problem occurs when the car is stopped, and in “Park”, perhaps it might be more accurate to say that the car has an uneven idle, rather than a hesitation. Does it actually hesitate when accelerating?

With more complete information, we may just be able to help you conquer the car’s idle problem.

Well I didn’t know I was going to get an English lession in my posting, but thank you. I will try to remember to spell check and calm down (after a nervous drive to work) before I type a posting.

My Camry is a 2000 with 91,890 miles. The uneven idle occurs when it is cold and hot. It does not hesitate while accelerating or in drive. It idles below 1 on the RPM dial and this is where it will hesitate. Unfortunately I do not remember where it normally idles. When I am stopped at a light, I put the car in neutral and press the gas pedal keeping the RPM between the 1 and 2 lines (while keeping my left foot on the brake).

Okay, I feel like anything else I tell you sounds silly and you’ll only make a wise crack at. So, what else would you like to know?

Thanks for the help. Karen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the missing information. In case you were not aware of it, that information is really important in order to be able to give a response with any value. Also, we do like to have some fun on this site–both at our own expense, and at the expense of those who post questions.

Anyway–to return to the problem at hand, I would suggest that you have your mechanic check the Idle Air Control motor (IAC), as it sounds like that could be the source of the problem.

However, the best place to start is with basic maintenance. Has the major 90k service been done? That includes all fluids, all filters, spark plugs, and other items. Once those things have been taken care of, if the problem persists, then the IAC would be a good place to look further.

Typical idle speeds are usually between 600-800 RPM, so I suspect that the idle speed is probably correct and you’re having some running issues that are only noticeable at idle. You probably just need a tune up-- change the filters, plugs, cap and rotor (if equipped), check the timing (if adjustable) and inspect the plug wires. If that doesn’t fix it, you can start looking at some more exotic possibilities.

You’ll have to check with Simon concerning the Idol. Yuk yuk yuk. Jest keepin’ it light.