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What is causing my car's carpets to get wet?

I’ve recently noticed that my 2001 Camry has wet carpets, condensation, and mildew. I leave it parked in a garage and the seats are dry (I didn’t leave it out in the rain with the windows open). How do I find the source of moisture. What could be leaking onto the floor? Thanks for your help.

The most common source of water inside the car is a clogged HVAC drain tube. This tube provides drainage for water condensing on the AC evaporator and any water that enters the HVAC system during rain storms. If the tube is clogged with dirt and debris the water drips from the heat vents onto the floor instead of dripping onto the road.

The drain tube is located on the firewall, low on the passenger side. You would probably have to raise the car to see/reach it.

Other possible sources of water are a clogged sunroof drain tube, leaking seal around the windshield or rear window, torn or missing door seals, and clogged door drain holes.

After you find and eliminate the source of the water you will have to lift the carpet and remove the padding underneath in order to dry it. The padding holds water like a sponge and will not dry unless it is removed from the vehicle. Shop vacs won’t get the water out of the padding. Even if the carpet feels dry the padding underneath may still be wet, and that is where mold and mildew grows.

Thanks. I’ll try to investigate, or ask a mechanic to do so.