2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek - Engine problems

I have 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid. My engine light is on, a mechanic said it will cost $2417 to 4,442.00 to repair. The labor cost $1,350.00 for 10 hours repair (flat rate). The mechanic said this is what Subaru manufacture lists to check when the engine light is on that he has to check everything. Although the mechanic has not yet take engine apart, but he said he just goes by manufacture listing. Not sure if I should not fix it and trade it in. Any advice is greatly appreciat. Thank you.

Um, no. I am not a mechanic but normally the first step is to scan for a code that will help pinpoint the problem. You don’t “check everything.” That sounds like they’re flying blind. My advice is to take it somewhere else.


I agree, get a second opinion. a check engine light can come on for many reasons. some very simple to fix. you start reading the check engine light code and then proceed from there. if you can find out what the check engine light code is and post it someone here might be able to tell you what the possible problem is.


You trade it in you lose even more value than the cost of the repair, just sayin’.

Take it for a second opinion.


You should be able to find out which code is turning the light on. Could be anything from a loose gas cap to major problems. Does it run ok? Might be time to consult a Subaru specialist.

If the dealer gave you a print out of the visit, which they are supposed to do, then the DTC (diagnostic trouble code) should be printed on it. Look for something that starts with a P and has 4 numbers or letters after it. For example P0171.

If you didn’t get one, then go to any autoparts store like AutoZone or O’Rielly’s and ask them to scan for a code. They do it for free. Be sure to get the actual code. They usually print out a cash register receipt with the suggested fixes, but at the top will be the code.

To get any real help here, you need to post that code. It is the key to figurig out what you may need and how much you should expect to pay.


thanks for the awesome information.

This is the mechanic’s way of saying, “I really don’t want to work on your car.”