Subaru problem in Chicago

Hi I am new to Subaru ownership and just moved to Chicago from Australia so need a recommendation.

I have a 2004 H6 3.0, 39000 miles. Today the check engine light on, it started losing power intermittantly as I drive, also the car tries to run on with a tick over at around 2000rpm.

I would appreciate any advice on what this issue could be and if someone has a recommendation of a dealer or mechanic I would be grateful.


You might find a mechanic here:

ah - I missed that - thankyou, is there a spot to look for dealer recomendations ?too?

If someone has noted particularly good service from a dealer, then the recommendation will be there. Don’t feel compelled to take this car back to a dealer unless you believe your powertrain warranty is still in effect (I suspect it is not). You may find some independent Subaru specialists or other independent mechanics who can handle the issue just as easily. There are very few items on a Subaru that are so unique that you require unique Subaru expertise to gain resolution.

thankyou - will go with recommendation from the site link,