2007 Honda CR-V’s CEL comes on and off

check engine come on and 2 hr go off it self why.

When the check engine light comes on it generally indicates a problem, especially if it happens more than once. The car’s computer stores a code when it happens. Go to any chain auto parts store or your local mechanic and have the code read. If you go to a mechanic, he can tell you what the code means, if you go somewhere else you can post the code here and someone will help.

A lazy oxygen sensor can cause the Check Engine light to turn on and then turn off.

Have the computer scanned for codes to find out if this is the case.


+1 to both posts. Expect to pay a diagnostic fee of about $100 to read the codes at a mechanic. A good one can not only read the codes, but figure out what is wrong the first time and fix it. If you just want the codes read, the chain parts store can do it. Call ahead first to make sure their code reader is working.

I feel blessed. Mike has never charged us a dime to read codes. Maybe because we’ve been going to his shop for years but still…

That’s probably why he hasn’t. I know my mechanic waives his diagnostic fee if you elect to have him do the work (although his diagnostic fee isn’t $100, he charges by time worked)

Considering he spent about 5 minutes from hooking up the reader to diagnosis his labor rate would have to be $1,000/hr. to even remotely justify a charge of $100. I’d gladly pay a reasonable amount though.

Most places have a set fee for Diagnostic work and 100.00 is low for many parts of the US .

Local Honda dealer had a $120 diagnostic fee (about 10yrs ago) to verify an issue with Dad’s 2007 CRV. Long time mechanic diagnosed the problem and fixed it for about $90. Any diagnostic work at the independent shop is paid by the hour. But we’ve been going to them since 1993.

That’s pretty much what Mike does. He charges for work performed.

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My mechanic’s shop is on his private property, so he has some built in saved overhead costs since he doesn’t have to pay rent…I haven’t been out there in awhile, but I think his hourly is between $80-100. Additionally, he knows I do most of the work on my cars, so when he’s doing inspection, he let’s me know what needs to be done and gives me the option to let him do it or to take it back home and do it myself. It’s a good thing to have a good working relationship with your mechanic :slight_smile:


Yes it is. Mike and his posse operate in a former Sinclair station with the pumps taken out and I’m pretty sure he owns it. It also helps that the shop is a block from our house.

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