2014 Subaru Crosstrek headrest stuck

I turned the passenger seat headrest around due to the uncomfortable forward angle. Now it’s stuck backwards and I can’t get it back out. Any tips?

I have had test cars come to me that have this problem. One of the folks who is also in my test vehicle group turns them around. Here is my suggestion. Put a drop of WD40 into the hole each post goes down into. Move the front seat you need to remove the headrest from back (so it is not pointing up at the roof). Thn get in the backseat behind it. Have a helper push that little button at the bottom of the post that has it in, and then you pull and wiggle with increasing force from the back with good leverage. I bet it will come loose. They tend to get frozen in place, but I have always gotten them free. BTW, whiplash injuries are the single highest cost to insurers (and to owners of cars paying for that insurance) of all motor vehicle injuries according to IIHS. True.