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2019 Subaru Forester - Headrest

Just bought a 2019 Forester. After many trips to the chiropractor, I realize the headrest was pushing my head forward. I can pull the headrest forward for adjustment, but it pops back into the too far forward position. It won’t come out so it can’t be turned around. Does anyone know if there’s a way to adjust this model?

Consider looking into the owner’s manual for instructions.

Chances are, you can’t. Head restraints are meant to prevent whiplash injuries so they must be near the head. You can try using a seat rest that places you a little farther forward, and moving the entire seat back a little to compensate.

You can also try reclining the backrest a bit, that’ll move your head away from the headrest.

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On some cars you can remove the head rest and put it on backwards which will move it away from your head.

Reclining the seat back is the best fix to the issue.

Some people tend to bring the back of the seat all the way to the steering wheel, almost hugging it, this is where headrest gets too close or touches the head, but it is really bad, not only from convenience standpoint, but also it brings their face too close to the airbag, so in collision they tend to have an elevated chance to get unnecessary injuries from the airbag in too close proximity. Checking the owner’s manual on the car will most likely even specifically warns against doing exactly that, at least Nissan and Honda vehicles I own had a paragraph about that. I know I’m in minority, but when I buy a new car, I spend a couple of hours getting through entire manual, this reading sometimes brings few surprises :slight_smile:

Your Owners Manual in the glove box, page 44 and 45, gives clear concise directions on how to raise, lower, remove and replace the headrest, as well as how to adjust it through three different positions and restore it to upright.

Here it is online: 2019 Forester Owner’s Manual

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This topic has been discussed here a few times. Especially about Subarus. Try searching this site.

The trick with the headrests on a Forrester is to tilt them all the way forward and then they will release and go back to where they should be. They are maddening until you know that.