Head and back rest problems


I love the new Subaru Forester and Outback vehicles but find the front driver’s seat headrest and back position terribly uncomfortable. The headrest forces my head forward into a really uncomfortable position and the back rest doesn’t hit properly to correct for this.

Is there any device I can use to fix this? Can the driver’s headrest be removed or swapped with one from an older Subaru (they were much flatter). Please help!


No, there is no cure. If you are uncomfortable in a new Subaru, you should consider another vehicle. The seats in new vehicles cannot be altered or replaced.
Find a vehicle with seats that are comfortable for you , and buy that vehicle.


I’ve owned several older Subarus and their seats are all back killers IMHO. I finally yanked the seats out of my last Subaru and installed a pair out of an old Chevy Citation. They were in excellent condition, color matched, free, and were a vast improvement.

A shop may be nervous about doing this since it could be a liability issue. Wreck happens, seat breaks loose, and the lawsuits begin. I’m not saying that you would sue; just that this could be the way they would look at it.

You might talk to an auto upholstery shop about this problem. Removing the seat backs and covers is not that difficult and there is a chance the pros could do something with the stuffing in there.


The newer Subaru seats are much more comfortable. But people vary and if your not comfortable I would look elsewhere.

You cannot remove the seat since it contains a side airbag if your speaking of the 2005+ model Legacy/Outbacks.


A seat pad from the local parts store would move you slightly fore of the current position relative to the headrests, but in truth I agree with those that say if the car isn’t comfortable for you you should look at something else.

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Thanks you all for the advice. I tried the Subarus again today and am just going to have to look elsewhere–the new headrests are just not configured correctly for me.