Subaru Head Rest from Hell!

Greetings from one car talk lover to another! We own a 2006 Subaru Impreza & absolutely LOATHE the headrests. They lurch forward to minimize your head movement with a collision. While this may be a good thing for accidents, drivers are stuck in a constant hunching state. After driving for more than 1/2 hour, our upper back, neck & especially head are in complete agony!

Does anyone own this car? Have a similar problem? And more importantly, have any solutions? Right now, our best idea is to go a junk yard & get old subaru headrests (with plastic bags over them of course).

I like your solution. Assuning the post center-to-center measurements are the same and the post diameters work, the headrests don’t even need to be from a Subie. Sounds crazy, but since seats are manufactured by the same manufacturers for more than one car company it is possible.

Another solution might be to get some seat pads from the parts store that would move yuor body a bit forward relative to the headrests.