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2014 Nissan Pathfinder AC only works in the back

I have a 2014 pathfinder. Just yesterday the a/c in the front stopped working. However the rear a/c is till working. So bot sure if the duct in the front got blocked or something. Anything I can fix on my own before taking it ti the mechanic?

That depends on your abilities. Likely an actuator that drives the AC doors in the car has failed. Armed with that bit of info, check your owners manual for the fuse location of those controls. Check the fuses and replace if needed. Fixed? Yay!

No blown fuses? The next step is identifying the proper actuator (there are likely more than one) and replacing it. Check YouTube, if this is a common problem, someone may have made a video on how to replace it. You can then decide for yourself if you are up to the task.