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Rear A/C not Blowing - Odyssey 2009

I purchased a 2009 Honda Odyssey and now the rear A/C is not working. I have tried all setting from the front controls as well as the rear controls to no avail. Nothing comes out. Zero. Nada. I am not sure where to begin to check for the problem. I read a forum that indicated to check F56, but the fuse numbers don’t go up that high.


I’d check the fuse. It’ll be listed in your owners manual

If you can’t find the problem by checking the fuses…go visit an independent AC shop who specializes in AC work only.

Fuse 1 under passenger side dash. Relay is in the rear junction box. Then things get worse with blower motor or drive transistor being bad.

Thank you all. I am going to check the proposed solutions and see if anything fixes it.