2005Pathfinder, Electrical hiccup

My pathfinder lives outside day and night. its hot in Charleston, SC. Today I drove for about 20 minutes , letting car sit for 1 hour then driving for 3 minutes to service station for gas. Upon leaving service station, i noticed the Front AC fan was not blowing at its appropriate setting, but the rear AC fan was blowing correctly; the electric seat was inoperative; the electric doorlocks and electric windows would not operate;the turnsignals would not work and the emergency flasher only flashed one time upon pressing the button; also the headlight,front and rear wipers would not work. This condition existed ror about 10 minutes then everything started working normally. This is 2nd time for this condition. Both times occurred on weekend when no one is at the Nissan Dealer. After the first time, the dealer said they cannot explain it and if they cannot see it while it is hapening, they probably would not know what to look for. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Well you certainly have a lot of clues to work with. Most likely all the accessories you mention tie into a main fuse or power relay circuit. I would go over the wiring prints to see what the common tie is to those areas and check that point out for a bad contact.