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2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Reputation

I’m thinking about purchasing a used 2014 Mercedes C300 with about 75k miles on it. It’s at a Mercedes dealership that has put a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty on the car and I’m going to be taking a look at it on Saturday. Is there any issues anyone has had with the transmission, engine, AC, etc.? I currently have a 2014 BMW 328i with a turbo that is going bad and I don’t want to have major issues with a car anymore.

Rude question - Then why are you looking at a used Mercedes ? Are you sure that unlimited warranty is just a drive train warranty only or what does it actually cover ?
You are buying a used vehicle so who knows what can happen and just because some have problems not all of them have the same problems. Frankly , for the price of this used Mercedes you could probably find a new vehicle with full warranty.


Then you should be an Acura

It’s a luxury car, is reliable, and has better resale value

Not a car that has many unhappy owners on our sister site, CarComplaints. That warranty sure sounds great. Must be a Mercedes Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. If it is, you can opt to extend that warranty at additional cost for another year. Any big and unexpected issues will most certainly show themselves in 24 months.

According to Consumer Reports’ data in their April 2018 annual auto issue, the 2014 ranks much better than average for overall owner reliability. The previous years vary between average and much better.

Starting in 2015 was a redesigned C-Class. Its reliability ratings have been average to worse than average.

My grandmother used to say: “from the frying pan into the fire”! Mercedes cars have no better reputation than BMWs and both are extremely expensive to maintain and repair.

In this size category the following are much more reliable and affordable:’’

  1. Toyota Camry
  2. Hyundai Elantra
  3. Mazda 6
  4. Honda Accord
  5. Nissan Altima

The Mazda 6 is everything as much fun to drive as the Mercedes C class.

If Consumer Reports says it has much better than average reliability, then it is on par with the usually quoted reliable vehicles. The C300 does not have a turbo and the 3.5L engine has plenty of power to get a small car like the C300 down the road. That 3.5L is also used in the larger E350, and it doesn’t lack power. It will be expensive to repair and maintain, but as long as you know that and you aren’t turned off by it, give it a try.