2014 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class - Opinion?

Is 2014 CLA45 really bad?

No. However 2014 was the first year for that generation, first year cars may have quirks sorted out in later years.
If you are thinking of buying a used CLA have it inspected by a reputable mechanic not associated with the seller.
As an MB, expect costly maintenance and repair bills.


A great looking car but the Audi A3 got better reviews, The CLA isn’t a bad choice but i’d ask the local German specialist to look over the car.

I didn’t read any positive reviews of them. I’d rather get a C300, a “real” Benz instead of the FWD one.

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The CLA45 came with the 4matic AWD but at a sticker price of almost $60,000. The base CLA gave you the look of a CLS for a low lease payment which is what most buyers really wanted.

It’s an 8 year old used car. No one knows if the one in question is good or bad. Much depends upon how it driven and maintained nor do any of us even know how many miles are on it. Or whether it’s been wrecked at some point. Or run out of oil or only had 3 oil changes in 8+ years.

Generally speaking, repairs other than basics could be expensive. It’s a Benz after all.

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Its a Benz and its out of warranty. This is what I would do “run and don’t look back”.


Actually, the real Benz is the E series. That’s their meal ticket. Everything else is to expand the owner base. My son in law had a C series, and it had a cheap interior. The passenger door handle came loose from the door. That should never happen.