2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Which is better

I want to buy a used c class mercedes or an A class 2014 model but can not decide on which one to buy.Any suggestions as to which one i should buy.

Sure, a Toyota Camry. Less expensive, far lower maintenance and service cost, longer expected life than either Mercedes Benz models you suggested. M-B stands for More-Bucks


buy the one with the best service records and the lowest miles. helps if it was stored inside and never driven much. and from texas or cali.

While I’d recommend a different brand, if I had to pick I’d choose the C class, everything else equal (which means you’ll pay more). The A is their cheapest model, and it shows.

I had a similar choice in 2017. I looked at a used E350 in addition to a few other sedans. I decided on a new Honda Accord EX-L. It had all the features I wanted, and added some electronic convenience items I liked. It isn’t as quiet as the Benz, but I bought it new for $7000 less than the 2 year old E350s I was looking at. I couldn’t justify the extra expense for the things the Benz had that the Accord did not. I’d go for the C if you insist on the Benz. Actually, I’d go for the 2014 E350. It’s the bread and butter Model, and they make sure all the bugs are worked out of new systems on the C class before putting them on the E class.

I truly wish I could agree with that statement . . . :laughing: