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Which mercedes

i’d like to get a mercedes and wonder whether i’d be better off with a new C350 or a 2007 E350 - my criteria are - quality, fun to drive

speed, handling - value in that order - i don’t put on much mileage

so that is not an issue - i currently drive a 2007 acura tls with a stick and 300hp - i’m gonna be 66 years old and have never owned

a Merc - so if not now, when

This may be the best time to buy a Mercedes. They are much less reliable and cost more to keep running than an Acura, but since you don’t need it as a daily driver, and repairs can be done at your leisure, you will also put on fewer miles.

Having said all that I hope your IRA’s have show good growth. You’ll need those dividends to keep it running. Most Merc owners seek out a qualified independent mechanic.

Both cars you mention are nice to drive. If I lived in a city, the C class is more nimble in traffic. If you live in the country or small town and do a lot of highway driving, get the E Class. It’s the standard diplomatic car around the world, England excepted, of course.

Before you plop your money down on a Benz, at least go drive a Caddy CTS-V…If that’s to much for you, maybe a standard CTS will meet all your criteria…

Yeah, and the Caddy will be just as unreliable as the Benz. A friend of mine has a CTS-V. Crazy fast but lots of trouble.

If these are the only options I suggest the new C350. It might be a bit more reliable than the '07. Might be. A bit.

There are so many other options, though.

The BMW M5 comes immediately to mind, and seems to meet your criteria.

But, if you want a Mercedes you want a Mercedes.

Personally, I’d buy something less expensive and keep my money in the bank.

The Acura you have now seems to be more “fun” to drive than either of the MB’s. MB makes manual transmissions but I don’t think you’ll ever get one in the US.

Just go and take test drives and get the one that feels right and works best for you.

If you can swing it, I’d go for C32 AMG or a C63 AMG. The C63 is very,very quick.

The C350 seems to fit your needs better. You might also test a BMW 335i.

I’ve owned and driven many MB, BMW and Audis – here’s my take. The 3-Series is a much better car than the C-Class. 5-Series vs. E-Class is a toss up – whatever works best for you. The S-Class is far and away the best of the large sedans.

A 3-series sedan will be the most “fun to drive”, but a bit cramped if you usually carry more than two people. Personally, I’d go for a 1 - 2 year-old, E550, RWD, panorama roof, P2 package.

Go out and test drive them all and get what fits you best.


The CTS-V is a high performance sedan; the C350 and E350 are not. The AMG E63 compares most closely to the CTS-V.

But the issue is punching a ticket on the bucket list. The C350 starts at $40,000 new, and a 2-year old C350 costs 30% less. Maybe you could ease into owning a Benz by purchasing a low-mileage 2008 C350. You might find just what you want on a Mecerdes Benz lot near you. A 2008 E350 starts around $36,000, and I’d avoid it for that reason. Try the used C350 Sport and see if you enjoy it as much as you hope you will. If you do, you can always sell it and buy exactly what you want. Depreciation over the next 2 years will be half what it would be on a new C350.