2014 Kia Soul - Thrown rod

Got a thrown piston rod took it to advanced autos a got a code of p0014

If you really have a thrown rod you could not get out of your driveway let alone to Advanced Auto.


The code means

Apparently this is fairly common on vehicles with variable valve timing. A good independent mechanic should be able to fix it.

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And, if the cashier at Advance Auto (obviously, they are NOT “Advanced”) told you that this code indicated a thrown rod, that should be a strong indication that their diagnostic skills are lacking.

As Volvo-V70 implied, if your engine had a thrown rod, it would have essentially been destroyed, and the vehicle would have been inoperable.


But you had a thrown rod… so HOW did you take it to Advance? And why bother to have the codes read?

This means the engine is now a door-stop and must be replaced

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Bit of the story missing huh…

If your car has a thrown rod then P0014 is inconsequential.

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Sort of the automotive equivalent of…
Other than that incident, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?


Like on “Jeopardy”, we prefer opening posts to be in the form of a question.
That or a joke. :wink:


Perhaps this entire thread is a joke.


I threw a rod right out through the oil pan in Niagara Falls and drove it home to Buffalo, somewhere between 15-20 miles. Then a couple of weeks later, started it up and drove to the junkyard.

When I see people declare an engine won’t make it a mile without any oil, I beg to differ. Maybe those cast iron early hemi’s were just extra tough.

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