2014 Kia Soul - Another battery

Low beams come on after I’ve gone to bed.happened twice. By morning I see them on and car tries to start but can’t make it. On my second battery in 4 years.

I’m not a mechanic but bear with me while I make some guesses. Your Kia probably has automatic headlights–they come on by themselves when it gets dark enough. I think that’s what’s happening but they’re obviously not supposed to come on when the car isn’t running. So I’m leaning toward either a bad ignition switch, which is letting the headlight circuit think the car is still running, or a flaky body control module, which controls the automatic headlights in the first place. A real mechanic with hands on the vehicle and knowledge and patience can diagnose and fix it.

There may be an issue with Body Control Module.


Do you park in a garage?
Do you leave the keys in the car while it is IN the garage?

Are you able to purposely make the headlights come on with the car parked, key out of the ignition? If so, whatever switches you use to do that, one of them may be faulty. Another idea check your owner’s manual under headlight operation. If there’s a way to turn off the automatic headlights feature, try that. Do the headlights come on when you open a door? If so a door switch may be faulty.

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