2001 GMC Sierra 1500 - Headlights are always on

automatic headlights stay on always, even in daytime

Are you sure they are automatic and not DRL’s?

There is a light sensor on the dash, is it covered by something?
Can you manually turn the lights off by rotating the headlight switch counter clockwise?
Is this a Canadian vehicle?
The sensor on the dash is a common culprit.

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Agree on checking the sensor on dash. Mine (a 2005) had come unscrewed and fallen just below dash level when I bought it used, so headlights were always on. It just sort of half turn screws and then clicks into position. Pretty easy to dislodge, I guess, although I haven’t had an issue since I put it back into position (which was kind of a pain to do).

Just turn the headlight knob to the off position. Turn it on when you need them on.

Is it really worth it to you to pay someone to fix this on a 20 year old vehicle when the work around is so easy?