2014 Kia Optima - Dim headlights

Low beam headlights very dim, high beam switch does not work and has to be held in place to activate the high beams.

Most likely switch failure. An auto-electric tech could figure it out by probing the circuit test points.

That is the “Flash-to-Pass” mode.

For high beams, push the lever forward.

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Don, I think you are driving with your daytime running lights on. When it is dark and the headlights are on, walk around the car. Are the tail lights on? No? Turn on your lights! There is a dash switch that does this. If it is set to “automatic” now, turn it to ON. If the headlights get brighter and the tail lights come on, that means your sensor that the automatic mode uses is broken.

If you don’t know where the headlight switch is, find it in your manual or have the dealer show you which one it is.


Are people behind you constantly flashing their headlights at you?

You know those cars going down the road with no taillights on, you’re one of them.

You need to turn on your headlights

Right now it’s just your “DRL” daytime running lights that are on.


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Daytime Running Lights are an LED strip, I don’t think anyone would mistake these for headlights.

You might be surprised at how many times I see that at night, and no tail lights on.

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I would be willing to bet the OP has never even got out of the car and looked for what lights were on or not.

Just this tell me the lights aren’t even turned on, and he doesn’t know how the headlights/switch work. He just sees some light from the drivers seat, the instruments are lit, and so he thinks the headlights are on. Another case of all the info is right there in the manual if people would bother to actually look at the damn thing.


OP has left the building.
Perhaps due to a lot of assumptions.
Some presented in a less than polite manner.

Don never really asked a question . I think his post came here from the Car Complaints web section and was just that , a complaint .

With the amount of vague posts from the Ask Someone site assumtions are about all that people can do .