2014 Jeep Cherokee oil consumption

I have a 2014 jeep cherokee that burns a quart of oil every 1000 miles. Is this normal? I found this it when the engines stalls going around a corner. No warning, no low oil light. Called the dealership, they said it needs a oil change.

Few vehicles have low oil light.
This MAY be considered normal oil consumption, you should probably get in the habit of checking your oil level each time you fill it up.
As far as needing an oil change, only you can answer that. What is the oil change interval specified in your owners manual? Does your jeep have an oil life monitor?

Stalling while turning is a separate issue. Is check engine light on?
Stalling issue needs to be addressed.

Must be more to the conversation . I think they want to have a fresh oil change and filter so they can monitor the oil consumption. If you are using a quart every 1000 miles then you should be checking oil level at least once a week.

Jeep Cherokee shuts off with no warning due to oil not getting to the top half of the engine. This happens to us on a right hand turn. I think this vehicle has an oil consumption problem but the dealer says no. Add and change oil on a regular basis is their solution. I say BS and have notified safercars.gov and the NTHSA Chrysler Jeep does not want to deal with this problem by issuing service bulletins to get consumers off their back

Oil consumption has nothing to do with oil circulation.
Are you getting the correct oil pressure?