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2019 Jeep Cherokee - Dies

Just dropped my 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude off at Chrysler because it keeps dying on me. Second time for this problem. last time they flashed transmission. This time they are saying it 3-4 quarts low on oil. Where did it go? I am faithful about oil changes. they said i was overdue. just because i didnt get it changed there dont mean it never happened. there’s a light for everything else including oil life but no low oil levels. What happens if it stalls and I get runover.Seems like a Jeep issue. anyone else with this problem

That may be true but it appears that you don’t check your oil level on a regular basis. It says in your manual to check the oil level every time you fuel up. None of out vehicles use oil but I still check the level every week before starting the vehicle.


This is a 2019 vehicle. It is fairly new. While the posting seems to imply the oil wasn’t checked recently, it was apparently changed. To be 4 quarts low implies the place that changed the oil either didn’t fill it up again or put the plug and filter back poorly so it’s been leaking out. There’s little chance that this fairly new engine used up 4 quarts of oil. And, the fact that it stalls repeatedly is very unusual and under warranty should be fixed. The dealership is trying to fill the owner with guilt so they will go away.

If you have the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder these have been known to go thru the oil quickly even when new so you really have to watch these engines and keep the oil checked. I have not heard of any issues with the 3.2 liter V6 . The stalling could be an issue with the wonderful stop/start system . Try turning it off everytime you start for awhile and see what happens . Also not positive but I think it will shut itself off if the oil is real low to try and protect itself . Make sure they are useing the correct weight of oil , a lot of Chryco is using 0w-20 now . Check manual for correct weight . Do a search on Chrysler 2.4 multi air oil burning issues .

Pretty sure it’s the owners job to check the oil level, not Jeeps.


I’m afraid the comments above are correct. You should have been checking the oil all along. If there’s permanent engine damage here, which is likely if the car stalled, Jeep is not responsible for fixing the car under warranty.