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2016 Jeep Cherokee quits running without warning - repeatedly

Dear Car Talk, My daughter bought a new Jeep Cherokee in 2016.After owning it for one year it quit running one day after leaving home for work . There were no warning lights on the dash. It was towed to the dealer. The problem was a loss of oil. The dealer changed the remaining oil & filter and checked the oil every thousand miles. After a few months the dealer said everything is OK . About one year later the Jeep quits running while traveling down the road., Same problem .no warning and no oil. The dealer claims Chrysler doesn’t recognize the problem. One technician said she needs to check the oil every time she fills up with gas. She hears rumors that other people are having this problem She does not feel safe driving the jeep and the dealer is treating like a dumb woman. She does not know what to do or who to contact.

That technician is EXACTLY correct!

The dealer is treating her this way because, frankly, she IS a dumb woman. I’m not trying to pile on but she’s run a 2 year old Jeep low on oil twice yet still doesn’t check her oil level. Once, I can see, but twice? And after a tech (and her owners manual) told her this is what she needs to do.

No car will run well or long without oil. Some cars use more oil than others but ALL cars need the oil level checked regularly to avoid just this very situation. Sorry, but she is going to learn this the hard way because she refuses to follow instructions.

Pay for a new engine since she destroyed the old one and warranty won’t cover it. Again, sorry.

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Definitely 'Rumors ’ unless they are all from people who will not check the oil level . Sorry Paul, but you will not get much sympathy for you or your daughter .You should have taught her the basic steps to maintain a vehicle.