2014 Hyundai Santa Fe - Engine seized

My Hyundai shut down on the Hwy and wouldn’t start back up took it to the shop and they said the engine was seized

That is not unusual for a Hyundai, there is a warranty extension for many models with the 4 cylinder engine for seized engines.


What was the reason that the engine seized? Was the oil at the correct level? Also, have your oil changes been done on schedule?


The big question is how much oil is/was in the engine when it seized?

The vast majority of people never raise the hood to check anything and it’s very easy for motor oil level (or lack of) to get away from you.

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… and when reminded of that necessity, the most frequent response is something along the lines of… none of my other cars ever needed oil between changes.
Or, to put it in other terms, none of those persons’ other cars were destroyed by lack of vigilance–even though their current ride was done-in by the same lack of attention.

However, in light of Hyundai’s known engine problems, I am not prejudging the OP, who may well have kept his oil at the proper level.

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