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2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport — no oil?

Oil is empty with no leaks and not due for oil change in 2 months

What do you mean by “empty”? If there’s no oil showing on the dipstick you’re probably down 3 quarts or so, which is bad. If the crankcase is totally empty, your engine is probably shot, which is even worse. When was the last time you checked the oil? Or did you check it because the oil light came on? How many miles since your last oil change? If your engine isn’t trashed get in the habit of checking your oil. As to what happened it probably burns oil and it just got worse.

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Every vehicle manufacturer recommends manually checking the oil level periodically between oil changes. Some actually specify that this should be done every time that you gas-up.

How often do you check the oil dipstick?

Add enough oil to bring it to the Full mark on the dipstick. Check it much more often and keep it no more than 1 quart down from that Full mark.


That’s not good. Do you have a question here?

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Loss of oil can be caused by many reasons, many live by oil changes as the solution, and that is fine, until you have a problem. You have had a problem evidently, and that is why many of the regulars check and recommend checking the oil on a regular basis. Even weekly, or every fillup for some, I am less regular than that, but perhaps you have learned that checking oil level is something to do rather than waiting for the next oil change and thinking all is good,

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Apparently you do not check your oil level on a regular basis. You don’t have much choice. Add oil up to the level indicated on the oil dipstick and drive. A little prayer wouldn’t hurt.

Make it a habit to check your oil level at least weekly or more if you rake up lots of miles in a week.

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I bet you have some oil in motor.

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You have dramatically shortened what remains of the engine lifespan due to neglect by not checking the oil level. I can only assume this was discovered by the lack of oil pressure light being illuminated.

Running the engine low on oil exacerbates the situation because the remaining oil is being asked to do more with less. That in turn means more oil consumption which is likely caused by stuck piston oil control rings; a.k.a. wiper rings.

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Hyundai has extended the warranty on the engine long block to 10 years/120,000 miles, inquire with your Hyundai dealer about an oil consumption test to see if your vehicle is eligible for a repair.

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But if the OP mentions that the vehicle suffers from advanced neglect it may not matter. Plus, the OP hasn’t provided much information. The rate of oil consumption might not be excessive.